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Students create 3D-printed vegan salmon to drive sustainability in the seafood industry

[2020-07-08] By Totally Vegan Buzz Team By Totally Vegan Buzz Team By Totally Vegan Buzz Team By Totally Vegan Buzz Team Trending Now Bogota could be first city in Colombia to ban barbaric...

[Totally Vegan Buzz]

EU launches another tool on pandemic's threat to human rights

[2020-07-08] People walk along a busy street in Karachi, Pakistan, amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


Italia, 2020: consumi interni al palo, burocrazia soffocante

[2020-07-08] Aziende italiane della moda  soffocate due volte. La prima: dal crollo dei consumi interni . La seconda: dalla burocrazia . Una morsa pericolosissima, alla luce di altrettanti riscontri quantitativi.


Danni Covid-19 al cervello. Sempre più studi parlano della capacità che il virus ha di minacciare il sistema nervoso

[2020-07-08] Non solo polmoni: il Covid-19 potrebbe provocare anche danni cerebrali. Sempre più studi parlano della capacità che il virus ha di minacciare il sistema nervoso.

[HuffingtonPost Italy]

Patch testing with purified and oxidized citronellol

[2020-07-08] Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

[Journal of Contact Dermatitis]

New insights from first clinical trial of potential treatment for motor neurone disease

[2020-07-08] A new study which shows the potential for a new treatment for motor neurone disease (MND) has been published in EBio Medicine Study found that

[University of Sheffield]

The Neurochemical Evidence for CNS Injury in Moderate COVID-19

[2020-07-08] ? COVID-19 damages neurons in a significant fraction of patients, even among those without clinical neurological symptoms, according to a new study in the June 16 online issue of Neurology .

[Neurology Today - LWW Journals]

Correlating Glycoforms of DC?SIGN with Stability Using a Combination of Enzymatic Digestion and Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

[2020-07-08] A previous version of this manuscript has been deposited on a preprint server ( https://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2020.04.22.055046v1 ).

[Angewandte Chemie]

The Southern Ocean is in trouble, but it isn’t too late to do anything

[2020-07-08] Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

[MSN South Africa]

Tutorial: The Role of Event-Time Analysis Order in Data Streaming

[2020-07-08] Slides for our tutorial, titled “The Role of Event-Time Analysis Order in Data Streaming”, presented at the 14th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS) conference.


Focas ayudan a descubrir corrientes del océano Antártico

[2020-07-08] Los científicos han podido observar por primera vez en la Antártida pequeños y enérgicos flujos de agua gracias a robots y a sensores unidos a las focas.

[El Imparcial México]

Long-term in vivo integrity and safety of 3D-bioprinted cartilaginous constructs.

[2020-07-07] doi: 10.1002/jbm.b.34687. Online ahead of print.


Students Created 3D Printed Vegan Salmon Alternative

[2020-07-07] A team of international students in Denmark known as Legendary Vish have developed 3D printing technology to commercialise plant-based alternatives to salmon and tuna in Europe.

[The Vegan Kind]

[The virtual ward - the students' clinical education during the current pandemic].

[2020-07-07] , the Swedish Government recommended all higher education institutions to move to online and distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


3D Printed Fish: Plant-based Salmon With ‘Complex Structure’ Under Development for EU Market

[2020-07-07] Students in Demark aim to commercialize vegan alternatives to salmon and tuna in Europe, having developed 3D printing processes capable of printing plant proteins and binders in structured forms.

[Seafood.com News]

Review: A trophy wife takes sweet corporate revenge in a gripping, dated Swedish noir

[2020-07-07] Ask an American crime fiction fan to name their and odds are they will cite ’s mysteries or ’s . Less frequently mentioned are a number of female crime writers, among them , and Camilla Läckberg.

[Yahoo! News]

Ulepszona mikroflora jelitowa dzi?ki lekom obni?aj?cym poziom cholesterolu?

[2020-07-07] © Materia?y prasowe Lekarstwa Istnieje wyra?ny zwi?zek mi?dzy popraw? mikroflory jelitowej a jedn? z naszych najcz?stszych grup leków obni?aj?cych poziom cholesterolu: statyny.

[MSN Polska]

Fed: Evolution of Price Discovery in an Electronic Market

[2020-07-07] Targeted News Service WASHINGTON , June 5 -- The Federal Reserve issued the following white paper by Alain


Student Teachers’ Collaborative Learning of Science in Small-Group Discussions

[2020-07-07] ABSTRACT The present study aimed to examine the affordances and constraints of small-group discussions in relation to student teachers’ learning of science.

[Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning]

Push ups are just as good as a bench press, according to science

[2020-07-07] With everyone locked out of the gyms due to the ongoing global health crisis, many fitness fans are bemoaning their lack of access to the weights room.


Single cell genomics and developmental biology: moving beyond the generation of cell type catalogues.

[2020-07-07] Review Curr Opin Genet Dev . 2020 Jul 3;64:66-71. doi: 10.1016/j.gde.2020.05.033. Online ahead of print.


Why farm salmon if you can print them?

[2020-07-07] In the project Legendary Vish students from the EU-led research project Training4CRM have developed a 3D technique for printing fish. Their aim is to develop fish-like products, based on proteins from mushrooms and peas, for sushi restaurants by 2022.

[The Fish Site]

Multiscale Characterizations of Surface Anisotropies

[2020-07-07] Institute of Mechanical Technology, Poznan University of Technology, 60-965 Pozna?, Poland Department of Manufacturing, RISE Research Institutes of


Repeated 5-day cycles of low dose aldesleukin in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (IMODALS): A phase 2a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

[2020-07-07] BackgroundLow-dose interleukin-2 (ld-IL-2) enhances regulatory T-cell (Treg) function in auto-inflammatory conditions.



[2020-07-07] Blood Donation and Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) are crucial for saving people’s lives.


News@TI 07/07/2020

[2020-07-06] Teias da Inovação MCTI on-line @Em novo formato, agora on-line, o projeto Teias da Inovação MCTI promove mais um evento gratuito hoje (7). Nessa edição, um dos convidados é Amure Pinho, presidente da Associação Brasileira de Startups (ABStartups).

[Empresas e Negocios]

Afeta a vida

[2020-07-06] Estudo comprova que a perda de audição impacta diretamente no ânimo e bem-estar dos mais velhos 06/07/2020 às 14:35 Por Assessoria de Imprensa

[Diário MS]

Children actively want to understand and express themselves regarding the coronavirus

[2020-07-06] Credit: CC0 Public Domain To comprehend and process the social crisis and upheaval in everyday life that have resulted from the corona pandemic, we need research and new perspectives.

[Medical Xpress]

Intrahospital transport of ICU patients a moment of risk

[2020-07-06] When bedbound intensive care patients are moved within a hospital, the single most common risk factor is nonfunctioning technology and equipment. These transfers, a well-known moment of risk, have been studied in a University of Gothenburg thesis.

[Alpha Galileo]

313015-2020: Sweden-Gothenburg: Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses)

[2020-07-06] Check out our COVID-19 dedicated page for tenders related to medical equipment needs. Sweden-Gothenburg: Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl.

[Tenders Electronic Daily]

Focas ‘científicas’ | http://www.ecoticias.com/naturaleza/203361/Focas-cientificas

[2020-07-06] Focas ‘científicas’ Las corrientes oceánicas  aportan una información esencial para comprender el clima global ya que nos permite


Zamkni?cie lokali gastronomicznych sprawi?o, ?e szczury zacz??y g?odowa? i sta?y si? bardzo agresywne

[2020-07-06] Mieszka?cy Warszawy alarmuj?: na forach internetowych roi si? od opisów szczurów, które wchodz? do mieszka?, przegryzaj? drewniane pod?ogi, wydostaj? si? z rur kanalizacyjnych i wentylacji.

[Newsweek Polska]

Bulten AB: Changes in Bulten's Group Management (Cision)

[2020-07-06] Bulten has recruited Markus Baum to a newly established position as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) with global responsibility for marketing and sales, as from November 1, 2020.

[Avanza Bank AB]

Confcommercio: per qualità della burocrazia, Italia terzultima su 36 paesi OCSE

[2020-07-06] Inefficienze e scarsa qualità dei servizi erogati impattano sulla crescita del nostro Paese con una perdita di circa 70 miliardi e, nel confronto

[IL Giornale Delle PMI]

Viktor Stensson of Bokio: “Five Lessons I Learned as a Twenty-Something Founder”

[2020-07-06] Jul 5 · 8 min read Don’t be scared to take risks, trust your instinct and just do it. The best thing about being a twenty-year-old entrepreneur is that you have an entire life ahead of you and you can afford to make mistakes.


Focas y robots ayudan a los científicos a descubrir las desconocidas corrientes del océano Antártico

[2020-07-05] Agencia SINC Madrid 05/07/2020 21:20h.


Operability and Technical Implementation Issues Related to Heat Integration Measures—Interview Study at an Oil Refinery in Sweden

[2020-07-05] Division of Energy Technology, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Chalmers University of Technology, 412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden CIT Industriell Energi AB, 412 58 Gothenburg, Sweden Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Docosahexaenoic Acid and Arachidonic Acid Levels Are Associated with Early Systemic Inflammation in Extremely Preterm Infants

[2020-07-05] Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, 40530 Gothenburg, Sweden Department of Paediatrics,


Vai ser diferente?

[2020-07-05] TwittarCompartilharCompartilharPinCompartilharA 22 de Junho último, foi conhecido o estudo “O Impacto Social da Pandemia”, elaborado pelo

[Funchal Notícias]

Las focas ayudan a descubrir desconocidas corrientes del océano Antártico

[2020-07-05] Las corrientes oceánicas aportan una información esencial para comprender el clima global ya que nos permite controlar la cantidad de calor y carbono que se mueve entre el océano y la atmósfera, y predecir cómo cambiará en el futuro.


Why Unions Reduce Wage Inequality: A Theory of Domino Effects*

[2020-07-05] I am grateful to Brigham Frandsen, Nils Gottfries, Ingemar Göransson, Håkan Locking, Katarina Richardson, Per Skedinger, Andreas Westermark, the

[Scandinavian Journal of Economics]

Current Status of COVID-19 Therapies and Drug Repositioning Applications.

[2020-07-05] Review . 2020 Jun 20;23(7):101303. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2020.101303. Online ahead of print. Affiliations Expand Affiliations 1 Science for Life Laboratory, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 17121, Sweden.


Burocrazia, se l'Italia fosse la Germania Pil +70 miliardi

[2020-07-04] Economia - Le elaborazioni del Centro Studi Confcommercio, sulla base della ricerca dell'Università di Göteborg, mostrano che l'Italia è scesa nella qualità delle amministrazioni pubbliche Ocse e perde una ricchezza immensa.


Burocrazia, se l’Italia fosse la Germania Pil +70 miliardi

[2020-07-04] Burocrazia: ogni Paese ha quella che si merita, verrebbe da dire dopo aver letto l’indagine sulle pubbliche amministrazioni elaborata dal Centro Studi Confcommercio.


Is there a link between intelligence and performance?

[2020-07-04]     Is there a link between intelligence and investment performance? In other words, do clever people earn higher returns? As JOACHIM KLEMENT explains, it appears they don’t.

[The Evidence-Based Investor]

The colorful versatility of adipocytes: white-to-brown transdifferentiation and its therapeutic potential in man.

[2020-07-04] Review . 2020 Jul 3. doi: 10.1111/febs.15470. Online ahead of print.


Pubblica amministrrazione: burocrazia cattiva in Italia fa perdere 70 miliardi di Pil

[2020-07-04] (Di sabato 4 luglio 2020) Le valutazioni sulla qualità della burocrazia nella comparazione internazionale sono ricavate dal Quality of Government


P.A. persi 70 miliardi di PIL per cattiva burocrazia

[2020-07-04] (Teleborsa) – Inefficienze e scarsa qualità dei servizi erogati impattano sulla crescita del nostro Paese con una perdita di circa 70 miliardi e, nel


Confcommercio: la cattiva burocrazia è costata 70 miliardi di Pil

[2020-07-04] Inefficienze e scarsa qualità dei servizi erogati sono costate all’Italia una perdita di circa 70 miliardi di Pil.


Qualità della burocrazia, Italia terzultima su 36 Paesi Ocse

[2020-07-04] ROMA (ITALPRESS) – Inefficienze e scarsa qualità dei servizi erogati impattano sulla crescita del nostro Paese con una perdita di circa 70 miliardi e,


L'Italia con la burocrazia tedesca avrebbe 70 miliardi di Pil in più

[2020-07-04] Confcommercio accusa i ritardi che bloccano l'economia: terzultimi tra i Paesi avanzati per qualità ed efficienza MILANO - Attacco della Confcommercio alla burocrazia.

[La Repubblica]

Prolegomena to an Operator Theory of Computation

[2020-07-04] Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles, 520 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA Department of Computer Science and



[2020-07-04] Bere birra, naturalmente con moderazione, fa bene alla salute del cuore . Lo rivela uno studio condotto in Svezia dagli esperti dell'Università di Goteborg e pubblicato dalla rivista di ricerca medica Scandinavian Journal of Health Care .


Pa: Confcommercio, per qualita' burocrazia Italia terz'ultima su 36 paesi Ocse

[2020-07-04] - Inefficienze e scarsa qualità dei servizi erogati impattano sulla crescita del nostro Paese con una perdita di circa 70 miliardi e, nel confronto

[Agenzia Nova]

A comparison of side-effects and quality-of-life in patients operated on for prostate cancer with and without salvage radiation therapy.

[2020-07-04] ;1-8. doi: 10.1080/21681805.2020.1782980. Online ahead of print. Affiliations Expand Affiliations 1 Department of Urology, Institute of Clinical Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden.


The English School as a theory and a scholarly community

[2020-07-03] Additional information Author information Charlotta Friedner Parrat Charlotta Friedner Parrat is assistant professor at the Swedish Defence University.

[Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning]

Administrating existence: teachers and principals coping with the Swedish ‘Teachers’ Salary Boost’ reform

[2020-07-03] ABSTRACT This article is a part of an on going ethnography project that run over six years in an Upper Secondary School in the south of Sweden.

[Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning]

New data confirm that African American convicts partly replaced slave labor in US

[2020-07-03] The large overrepresentation of African Americans in the US prison population can be traced back to the institutions that emerged after the abolition of slavery.

[Mirage News]

Tests with virus killing materials

[2020-07-03] Swedish economy is recovering / / 9 new deaths in Sweden - a total of 5,430 deceased The Swedish economy is recovering The Swedish economy is recovering after what could be the worst of the corona crisis.


China rattled: Taiwan’s stunning victory over Beijing’s brutal campaign exposed

[2020-07-03] China has been engaged in an aggressive policy of attempting to expand its influence into the regions around the mainland. The most notable and current example of this is Hong Kong.


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